Community Day of Learning 2016

Faculty and students at the Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers in Industry (1930), via Bryn Mawr College Special Collections.

For a second year, the Greenfield Digital Center will be supporting history programming for the 2016 Bryn Mawr College Community Day of Learning, In/Visible: Class on Campus, Class in Our Lives. Can new archives and historical research expand our notion of campus histories? Join us on Tuesday, February 23 during the first two sessions (room locations and session times will be updated online, here)

  • Session 1: Women of Summer 

“The Women of Summer” (1986) is a 60-minute National Endowment for the Humanities documentary film by Rita Heller, Bryn Mawr College Class of 1959, that chronicles the history of the Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers. The Summer School was an experimental education program for women working in industry that ran from 1921-1938 and through which the College educated its first African American students in 1926. I will lead discussion on the film’s themes after the screening.

I’m thrilled to welcome back to campus Grace Pusey ’15 , co-founder of the Black at Bryn Mawr project. In this lecture, Grace will share her research on the College’s African American domestic staff whose labors made the experiment of a women’s residential college a success in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Leaving time for questions and discussion, Grace’s presentation will center Bryn Mawr’s particularly gendered and racialized labor history within the larger histories of gender, race, and class at the Seven Sisters colleges.

Classes during this time block will be canceled, offices will be closed, and all faculty, staff and students are invited to attend any part of the day, from 9am to 3pm. To register and learn more about the more than 40 sessions being offered, visit the Bryn Mawr College website.

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